Full Scale Restoration of the Japanese battleship "Yamato" in VR. 

Battleship Yamato was constructed during the World War II in 1941, and it was the biggest battleship ever built. Unfortunately, Yamato didn't last through the war, and it sank to the bottom of the sea.

Now, battleship Yamato is completely restored in full scale in VR. It is based on the blueprints and the recollections of the actual crew who are still alive.

In this app, you can actually get on Yamato and walk across the deck, climb up the bridge, and go inside the ship.

See the Yamato crew taking command. View the explosions of the gun fire from a close distance.

The list below shows what you can actually see in the first edition of VR Yamato.
・Inside the first bridge
・Inside the main gun
・Scene of the crew practicing firing the gun
・Fire control center
・Captain's cabin
・Pilot house
・Ship's kitchen

With VR Yamato, enjoy the battleship from the perspective of an actual crew.